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About the company

Modern from inside out

Wolf Tires is a green technology company based on Estonian capital that produces winter tyres for cars and vans based on modern recovery principles. The company has a unique technology for the production of raw rubber, which is also successfully applied in other industries. Rubber compounds suitable for Nordic winter tyres have been developed in our own laboratories by experienced technologists. The company has production units in Maardu and Voka.

Wolf Tires winter tyres are aimed at the demanding Nordic market with difficult weather conditions, mainly Scandinavian and Baltic countries. Our customers are environmentally conscious and economical consumers who prefer an affordable product with a smaller footprint and locally developed. We have proven the quality and properties of Wolf Tyres tires for professionals who often work in difficult road conditions – for example, bus and taxi drivers on county lines. With Wolf Tyres winter tires you save nature and money without sacrificing quality or safety.

Long experience

Wolf Tyres is the car tyre manufacturer based in Estonia. The company was established in 1991, when the first store selling car tyres was opened. At present, the company is dealing with production, has its own auto body shop and car paint room, a car service centre, a motor vehicle inspection station, a car-washing facility, and a car spare parts shop. Our 25 years of experience have enabled us to develop high-tech production.

Wolf Tyres is a well-known manufacturer of retread tyres for light motor vehicles, off-roaders, and minibuses. Within a year, our company can produce up to 50,000 tyres. We apply new manufacturing technologies, and it has enabled us to take on a new perspective on the issue of tyre wear, balancing, and stud stability. We use Finnish studs that are suitable for any kind of weather conditions.

We defy the stereotypes concerning the fact that car tyres can only be used for two years. The tests carried out in European laboratories have provided us with an opportunity to guarantee tyre quality for up to 3 years.

Our tyres are well-adapted for any kind of weather conditions, no matter how challenging they might be, and they conform to all road safety requirements. Our key markets are the areas with adverse climatic conditions, which demand higher standards of tyre manufacture due to snowy winter, erratic temperatures, a lot of precipitation, and changeable weather.


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Tyre marking

The majority of producers use standard marking for tyres. Basic information is given on the tyre sidewall, with the following brief data on the size,

Tyres for light trucks

Tyres for minibuses: popular models Tyres for minibuses are light commercial vehicle (light truck) tyres intended for vehicles carrying cargoes or passengers. Requirements set for