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Icy and snowy roads

Perfect grip and braking performance across a wide temperature range.

Wet roads

The tyres are self-cleaning and do so quickly, thus reducing the risk of aquaplaning.

Dry roads

Good steerability and uniform tyre abrasion even at high speeds.

Year-round durability

The rubber compound of Wolf Tyres ensures the tyres’ resistance to fluctuating temperatures and abrasion during both harsh winters and hot summers.





it is modern tyre manufacturing technology and sustainable product development,
with the aim of providing the best driving characteristics and high safety.

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Made in Estonia

Wolf Tires factories are located in Maardu, Harjumaa and Voka, Ida-Virumaa.

3-year warranty

Final physical tests are performed during the final processing of the tyre - measuring pressure, rotation, pulsation, etc., which confirm the good quality of the product.

Highly certified Tikka Spikes studs

The tyres are studded with high-quality Finnish studs using a semi-automatic machine.

No-waste manufacturing

The waste that is generated during the tyre production is used in the production of new products.

Rubber compound developed and manufactured in Estonia

The goal of years long development is to obtain rubber compounds that remain uniformly soft in a very wide temperature range, but at the same time have good wear resistance.

Environment-oriented technology

A green technology company that produces winter tyres for cars and vans based on modern recovery principles.

Estonian manufacturer WOLF TYRES tyres are perfectly adapted to difficult winter road conditions and meet all safety requirements in traffic.

At the core of Wolf Tires’ product development is safe driving in difficult, rapidly changing weather conditions.



Wolf Tyres is a green technology company built on Estonian capital. It produces winter tyres for cars and vans based on modern recovery principles.

The company has a unique technology for the production of raw rubber, which is also successfully applied in other industries. Rubber compounds suitable for Nordic winter tyres have been developed in our own laboratories by experienced technologists.

The company has production units in Maardu and Voka in Ida-Virumaa.


"A truly positive surprise. Tyres which keep you on the road and are logically steerable. Why pay more when you can get such a good product for a great price?"
Motohunt Autokool, Raino Verliin
Raino Verliin
Driving instructor at Motohunt


Phone: +372 5883 7020
E-mail: info@wolftyres.ee

Kummar Rehvid OÜ
Pargi 24, Voka
Toila vald, Ida-Virumaa,