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Installment payment

Installment Montonio: one application - multiple offers

Use Montonio’s installment payment to pay – with one request, you can get an offer from several lenders. Add the desired products to the shopping cart and choose Montonio installment payment as the payment method. Choose a suitable contract period and complete the application. Through the installment payment platform, you can get a financing offer from several lenders. Choose the most suitable offer for you and sign the contract.

Installment terms:

  • The amount to be financed by installments is 90–10,000 euros

  • Period 3-60 months

  • Interest from 9.9%

The credit intermediary service provider is Montonio Finance OÜ. The amount of the monthly installment is €37.39 and the interest rate is 24.09% per year under the following example conditions: installment amount €400, down payment 0%, repayment term 12 months, interest 9.9% of the initial amount per year, contract fee 2% of the amount, monthly administration fee 0 .0% of the purchase amount per month. The total amount of payments is €448.03. If necessary, consult with experts.