No, we are the manufacturers under the Wolf Tyres brand.

Yes, in 95% of cases the products listed on the website are available. In 5% of cases the products are not available, because we haven’t managed to update the database. After you place your order, the manager will get in touch with you and confirm whether or not the product is available, and also agree on the terms of delivery.

Yes, the prices are effective. The cost of delivery is indicated on the webpage after you have confirmed your order.

We do not have such tyres. But if you are concerned about it, you can send the tyres back to us within 14 days after your purchase, according to law. See the terms of return and exchange.

No, at present tyres for summertime are not included in our range of products. We offer tyres for winter, year-round tyres, tyres with stud holes. We have started our production with winter tyres, since a more serious approach is required to the specifications of winter tyres.

Send us a message via the feedback form in the section “Business customers” or send a cooperation enquiry in free format at sales@wolftyres.eu

It is a common misconception. Retreaded tyres do not flake off with time. If it has happened, it means that the tyre is faulty and of poor quality. This is why retreading should only be done by real experts in the field.

You can’t lie to people online. In the Internet era none of the merchants is going to make some claims that he or she is unsure of, since the risk of losing a client is very high.

Yes, this is true. Wolf Tyres offers 3 years of production warranty.

These tyres are not the quietest ones. However, noise is a relative parameter. Let us have a look at tyres that have a similar price and manufacturer, but different pattern. The noisiest ones are unidirectional tyres and the tyres with V-shaped pattern. This is physical law. If grooves have a herringbone pattern on the tread, there is resonance in the shoulder tread area. This is what causes excessive noise. If you want acoustic comfort, choose non-directional type tread design. However, be prepared to compromise stability on the surfaces that are covered with snow or dirt.