Using modern technologies we safely extend the service life of the tyres.

Wolf Tyres

Why do our customers choose us?

High quality, reliability, and efficiency.
  • 3 year warranty
    At WOLF TYRES, we are using a unique regenerative method of tyre manufacture. Retread tyres with extended service life. 3 year warranty of production.
    3 year warranty
  • Made in Europe
    WOLF TYRES is a famous European manufacturer which is dealing with the production of tyres that are perfectly suitable for different road conditions of any level of complexity and correspond to all of the safety requirements on the road.
    Made in Europe
  • Environmentally friendly technology
    WOLF TYRES mean new discoveries that are evolving into new technologies, which, in their turn, are embodied in new products that are aimed at providing drivers with the best possible performance and a higher level of safety.
    Environmentally friendly technology
  • Finnish studding
    The key markets of WOLF TYRES are the areas with adverse climatic conditions that place higher demands on tyres because of snowy winter, erratic temperatures, a lot of precipitation, and changeable weather.
    Finnish studding
  • Official attestation
    The WOLF TYRES company has obtained all of the necessary international quality certificates proving the safety of wheeled vehicles. The certification of car tyres is compulsory. The quality and reliability of our tyres are not only checked by means of international certification, but also in the course of numerous self tests.
    Official attestation
  • Rubber mixture
    WOLF TYRES means tyre-tread composition that is fully functional under any temperature fluctuations. It endures wear both in severe winters and hot summer weather. Our goal is to provide the best possible mixture of formulation, raw material, and customer needs.
    Rubber mixture

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